1. Will there be a photographer?
Yes.  The plan is to have an official photographer of the event who will take individual and group photos throughout the reunion.
2. Can people from other class years attend?
Yes, the surrounding classes of 83, 84, 86 and 87 may attend, with limitations.  Want this to remain a signature event for the Class of '85, while realizing that some from our surrounding classes like to get down with and support our reunion activities.
3. Should I rent a car? Does the hotel have an airport shuttle?
A car is not necessary in New Orleans, unless you plan to venture out throughout the city.  The hotel does not have an airport shuttle.  However, the New Orleans Airport Shuttle does come to the CBD (Central Business District) and French Quarter hotels, which is only 16 miles away. You can book your pickup and find prices and information at:  http://www.airportshuttleneworleans.com.